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Latest News: February 27, 2007

E-Books of Raymond F. Jones' Work No Longer Available
All of the e-book versions of Raymond F. Jones' novels and short stories, published by Renaissance E Books, have been withdrawn from sale. There has been no official explanation for this. It seems true fans are the last to know!


Old News

More E-Books Published in Early 2005
The re-publication in e-book format of Raymond F. Jones' back catalogue of novels continues apace with the release over the last few months of Renegades of Time, The Secret People, Planet of Light, The King of Eolim, The Cybernetic Brains and Moonbase One. In addition, a new collection of Jones' short fiction called Sunday is Three Thousand Years Away and Other SF Classics has been released as an e-book this month.

E-Books of Raymond F. Jones' Novels and Short Stories Published in 2004
Renaissance E Books have published (in electronic format) new editions of Jones' novels This Island Earth, The Alien, Renaissance, Son of the Stars and The Year When Stardust Fell. Also available are new e-book editions of the classic short-story collections The Toymaker and The Non-Statistical Man, in addition to an all-new collection of six of Jones' short stories entitled Rat Race and Other Science Fiction Short Novels and Novelettes.

New URL for the Raymond F. Jones Website as of October 29th, 2003
This website has now relocated to a new web address hosted by Geocities. The move to another server was necessitated by problems with Easyspace, the old webspace provider. The homepage is now situated at Please update your bookmarks accordingly!

This Island Earth Reprinted
Renaissance E Books (, are now selling Raymond F. Jones' This Island Earth in electronic format, as part of their "Futures Past Science Fiction Classic" range. Their website features a detailed and informative write up of This Island Earth and includes an essay by Jean Marie Stine on Jones' writings and how he came to write the novel. Included are extracts from a late interview with Jones, and several reviews of This Island Earth which appeared when the book first came out.

Richard Jones' Website
Raymond F. Jones' son Richard has put a wonderful biography of his father on his website at This site is an essential visit for all fans of RFJ, as there are many insights and reflections on Raymond F. Jones the man, as well as the author. Included are some letters written to RFJ from a fan of his stories and several from his publisher (though I suspect they may be from none other than his literary agent Forrest J. Ackerman). There is also a great deal of fascinating information concerning RFJ's early days as a writer for the pulps. To read the biography click on the link above and then follow the link at Richard's site to "profile of Richard." Many thanks to Darla and David Jones, Mary J. Gardner, Andrea Gardner, Kathryn Jones and Dave Lloyd for their kind and helpful e-mails. The web can be a fantastic place! :-)

Reviews of Raymond F. Jones Books
Reviews of the collection The Non-Statistical Man and the novel Renegades of Time have been posted by Preston Hunter at the website.



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