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Cover Artwork

The images of cover artwork displayed on this webpage are copyright their respective owners. They appear here for reference purposes only and are intended for the perusal of fans and scholars of Raymond F. Jones' work. Please note that most of these images are "thumbnails".


Collections of Short Stories

nonstatistical.jpg (15129 bytes)
The Non-Statistical Man, Brown Watson, 1965

risquescalcules.jpg (17305 bytes)
The Non-Statistical Man (french edition)



cyberneticbrains.JPG (116577 bytes)
The Cybernetic Brains, Paperback Library, 1969

thealienleisureedition.jpg (74343 bytes)
The Alien, Leisure Books, 1951

thisislandearth1952.jpg (41251 bytes)
This Island Earth

manoftwoworlds.JPG (55349 bytes)
Man of Two Worlds (reprint of Renaissance)

renaissancefirstedition.jpg (22667 bytes)
Renaissance, Gnome Press, 1951

lessurvivants.jpg (54940 bytes)
This Island Earth (french edition)



thrilling_wonder_stories_4912h.jpg (34346 bytes)
Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1949; featuring "The Shroud of Secrecy"

astounding1951feb.jpg (56497 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, February 1951; featuring "I Tell You Three Times"

Fantasic Universe July 1956.gif (156239 bytes)
Fantastic Universe, July 1956; featuring "The Thinking Machine"

Thrilling Wonder Stories June1950.jpg (53204 bytes)
Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1950; featuring "Sunday is Three Thousand Years Away"

Amazing_August1951.jpg (17261 bytes)
Amazing Stories, August 1951; featuring "The Wrong Side of Paradise"

Astounding Dec1952.gif (102178 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, December 1952; featuring "Noise Level"

planetsummer47.jpg (20201 bytes)
Planet Stories, Summer 1947; featuring "The Martian Circe"

startlingmarch50.jpg (25864 bytes)
Startling Stories, March 1950; featuring "Encroachment"

superscencejan50.jpg (17279 bytes)
Super Science Stories, January 1950; featuring "Outpost Infinity"

thrillingwonderfeb50.jpg (19567 bytes)
Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1950; featuring "The Greater Conflict"

thrillingwonderjune49.jpg (20287 bytes)
Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1949; featuring "The Alien Machine"

startlingseptember1950.jpg (22468 bytes)
Startling Stories, September 1950; featuring "The Cybernetic Brains"

analogfeb62.jpg (23425 bytes)
Analog, February 1962; featuring "The Great Gray Plague"

planetstorieswinter1946.JPG (143014 bytes)
Planet Stories, Winter 1946; featuring "The Seven Jewels of Chamar"

fantasticadventuresmay1951.jpg (20139 bytes)
Fantastic Adventures, May 1951; featuring "...As Others See Us"

astoundingapril1943.jpg (138212 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, April 1943; featuring "Swimming Lesson"

amazingstoriesdecember1962.jpg (116425 bytes)
Amazing Stories, December 1962; featuring "Stay Off the Moon!"

galaxydecember1950.jpg (37298 bytes)
Galaxy, December1950; featuring "A Stone and a Spear"

startlingjuly1952.jpg (51671 bytes)
Startling Stories, July 1952; featuring "Collision"

astoundingjune1946.jpg (200813 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, June 1946; featuring "Forecast"

astoundingapril1952.jpg (20267 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, April 1952; featuring "The Farthest Horizon"

astoundingaugust1946.jpg (24019 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, August 1946; featuring "The Cat and the King"

astoundingseptember1946.jpg (25093 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, September 1946; featuring "The Toymaker"

astoundingseptember1941.jpg (54660 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, September 1941; featuring "Test of the Gods"

worldsofifapril1974.jpg (57919 bytes)
Worlds of IF, April 1974; featuring "The Touch of Your Hand"

vanguardjune1958.jpg (44356 bytes)
Vanguard Science Fiction, June 1958; featuring "The Strad Effect"

astoundingjuly1944.jpg (99134 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, July 1944; featuring part one of "Renaissance"

astoundingseptember1945.jpg (115402 bytes)
Astounding Science Fiction, September 1945; featuring "The Deadly Host"

marvelaugust1951.jpg (111860 bytes)
Marvel Science Fiction, August 1951; featuring "Seed"



treasuryofsf.JPG (146239 bytes)
Treasury of Science Fiction, ed. Groff Conklin; featuring "The Person From Porlock"

ascentofwonder.JPG (99219 bytes)
The Ascent of Wonder, ed. David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer; featuring "The Person From Porlock"

futurekin.jpg (76199 bytes)
Future Kin, ed. Roger Elwood; featuring "Pacer"

wayout.jpg (23790 bytes)
Science Fiction Adventure From Way Out; featuring "The Lights of Mars"


Promotional Posters for the film This Island Earth

thisislandearthposter1.jpg (23547 bytes)    thisislandearthposter3.jpg (32153 bytes)    thisislandearthposter2.jpg (17585 bytes)



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